Wandering Buoy

On tour along the former Berlin Wall

Send us your story - relate how you experienced the Berlin Wall.

Tell your story of the Berlin Wall!
Share your memory with us and others who can't imagine anymore what it was like to live with the Berlin Wall.

Do you remember where the Berlin Wall used to be?
Do you still live with the wall in your head?
Did you witness the building of the Wall?
Where you forced to guard the Berlin Wall?
Was the Berlin Wall just a traffic nuisance with lots of graffiti?
Did you feel protected or threatened by the Wall?

The Wandering Buoy is a mobile sculpture for marking places of historic or personal interest.
Starting August 13 through November 9 the Wandering Buoy will be on tour around Berlin, along where the Berlin Wall once stood. It will stop where ever there is a story to be told in connection with the Berlin Wall.
If you want to tell your own 'Story on the Wall' - the Wandering Buoy will come to the place you point out and will tell your story on its LED-screen.