Wandering Buoy

Functions of the buoy

How ever difficult it is to detect how collective history and the experience of individuals are intertwined, it is obvious that a fight is fought over the interpretation of history as such, about the frame of personal remembrance. Often this is a manipulative fight from above. Governments work with ideological instruments on how they are depicted in schoolbooks and - especially - how members of society are meant to experience history. The Wandering Buoy microscopically creates points of return, where you can come to terms with yourself, where old stories won't rest in peace. An individual employment of the Wandering Buoy offers the opportunity to assure yourself of your own history or to get completely wound up in it and to avoid living exclusively in the present.

Christoph Tannert, director of Künstlerhaus Bethanien GmbH, catalogue article Skulptur-Biennale Münsterland, 2005

... a sculpture on tour around Berlin... The Wandering Buoy is a mobile sculpture for marking clandestine places of historic or personal interest. It was developed by Urban Art (Peschken/Pisarsky) for the Skulptur-Biennale Münsterland, 2005. Starting August 13 through November 9 the Wandering Buoy will be on tour around Berlin, along where the Berlin Wall once stood.

...collects stories of the Berlin Wall... On its way the Wandering Buoy collects stories that have a connection with the Berlin Wall. We are interested in memories from the time the Berlin Wall was built (1961), in recollections of the Berlin Wall in the succeeding years and also in all events around the Fall of the Wall (1989). It could also be a story reflecting the urban changes to the so-called strip of the Berlin Wall since that time.

... tells stories with a blink and a knock... The LED-screen can be programmed with up to 40.000 signs and power is supplied by its solar panel. Additionally, the buoy attracts attention by emitting a knocking noise and light signals when people pass by.

...moves through the traffic... The Wandering Buoy is fixed to a trailer which can be parked anywhere where parking is legal. It can be installed exactly in accordance to where the story took place, creating a new unity of time and place.

...pursues remembrance... The Wandering Buoy is a platform for memory-directed communication. Because of the multitude of varying stories and the frequent change of locations the activities of the Wandering Buoy will include many different people. It functions therefore as a kind of anti-monument of varying contents. Its shape, sound and light signals attract attention and mark the shoals and imponderabilities within the sea of history.